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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Congress...

I understand your having trouble agreeing. 

That all of you want it your way and only your way.

And you think your doing what is best for your constituents and the American People.

I think you're all full of it.   Have you thought for one minute what a government shutdown means to the thousands of Federal employees and the military?  It means no pay.  And here are a few of the details.  The military will not be paid, not a cent but will continue to serve.  They will work for an undetermined period of time without any compensation.  Since they are working they have no opportunity to try to earn any extra income to do things like buy groceries or pay for a prescription.  And worse, the Federal Employees are won't work and may or may not receive payment for that time, no one seems to know AND they still need their supervisor's permission to go and seek any other work.  I heard senator Ron Paul saying that we will just need to go to our landlords and ask them to wait to be paid.  That is what everyone does.  I have a benevolent landlord and that might work with her, it might even work with our utilities.  I wonder how that would go over at the grocery store?  Do you think I can waltz in there, fill my cart with groceries and ask them to let me pay next week?  Somehow I doubt it.  How about the gas station?  After all my husband is going to have to continue to commute to work without pay.  What do you think the attendant will tell me when I ask to pay sometime in the future when Congress gets its act together?  How about the toll taker on the bridge?  Or the bus driver when the gas runs out?

I am thankful that my family has built up some savings in the last year and we can make ends meet for a short time without pay.  However having been a military wife for 15 years I know the financial situation in many military households, the money runs out before the month.  By the end of the pay period the checking account has only change, the car is running on fumes, and dinner gets quite interesting as you try to figure our what you can make with the remnants of your cupboard.  Many military families are stretched so thin that just a child getting sick and needing to buy a bottle of Motrin can be a financial stress.  Imagine what a late paycheck would do?

I am glad dear senators and congressmen that you have taken care of yourselves, you won't have to think about these things.  Your mortgage will be paid, you'll have food on the table and gas in your car.  Some of you will give your pay to charity which I admire, but tell me how does that help the military and federal employees make ends meet without a paycheck? 

I sign off with one last suggestion for you.  Since you are acting like young children in your bickering and refusal to even try and relate to what the other side is saying I would suggest you do what I make my children do.  Sit down with your adversaries on the other side of the aisle, hold hands, look into each others eyes and say five nice things about each other and MEAN IT.  I like your clothes doesn't count.  Then sit down and have a discussion and compromise with real give in take, instead of stomping and pouting.  If my 3 year old can do it, so can you.


Heidi French
Coast Guard Spouse
American Voter
Mom to 5

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  1. Nice! I didn't know you were a military family too! We are Air Force reserves :)