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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Turkey Disaster Diverted!

Naomi woke up this morning in a pleasant mood.  That right there is reason for celebration.  Naomi usually wakes up grouchy and there is a host of things that can send her mood into a tailspin in the morning. The trouble is they change every day, sometimes it's eye contact, sometimes I suggest we get dressed to soon, sometimes one of us talks to her and she wasn't ready so a happy girl first thing was exciting.  Never mind that I've got too big kids home from school today with a virus, I've got a happy Naomi in the morning so I'm going to celebrate.

Well not only was she happy but she wanted to EAT right away.  I usually cannot interest her in food until 10 a.m.  She wanted turkey so Bethany feeling chipper after her Tylenol kicked in ran to the fridge and pulled out our gluten free, nitrate free turkey lunch meat.  Naomi started to wail.   I thought it was because Bethany got the turkey and she wanted me to but, no, she wanted different turkey.  I pulled out some leftover chicken from the fridge and told her it was turkey but she started to cry harder.  "NO, I want different turkey!"  Bethany and I tried for half an hour to tell her there was no other turkey and this is what we had and she proceeded to cry harder and harder insisting she want different turkey.  I finally left her alone to diaper Mary and brush my teeth and hair and came back to a still crying Naomi.  I began to think how am I going to get any food into her mouth or a tube with her laying on the floor throwing a fit.  In case your wondering tube feeding does take some cooperation or we will have a huge mess and potentially a removed tube.  Finally at my whits end, she'd been crying nearly an hour, I asked her if she knew where the "different turkey" was.  She got up took my hand and led me into the dining room where the grocery bags of non-perishable food from our last grocery shopping trip sat on the table and pointed to a bag.  I peeked in and there on the top was a bag of beef jerky.  I pulled it out to a squeal from Naomi. "My turkey!"  Turkey disaster diverted and despite two sick kiddos, I think it is going to be a very good day.

Addendum:  As I was getting ready to upload a picture of Naomi with her "turkey" my computer crashed so I am publishing this from my parent's house.  Thanks mom and dad!  So today turned out to be an interesting day and hopefully the computer guy will be able to fix our computer without draining our bank account.

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  1. Ohhhh Naomi sounds so much like Allie. Allie used to wake up in a bad mood all the time. I was always walking on egg shells trying to keep her happy and to keep her from crying. Not sure what changed in Allie but her behavior has been much better these past couple months. No doubt she is still moody but she is a much happier child. I'm wondering if she never felt good beacuse of her corn allergy. Now that she is gluten and corn free, she feels better so in turn her behavior is better - I don't know. It could just be that she is tolerating her blenderized feeds better - there were so many changes it's hard to tell. Has Naomi been checked for food allergies?

    Anyway, so happy that Naomi finally got her "turkey". That's a cute story and it's funny how sometimes the girls just know exactly what they want and they get so upset when we don't understand them!