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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street

We all watched Sesame Street as kids or at least we knew someone who did.  For years Sesame Street has shown thousands of different children and adults representing our diverse culture.  They have had children and adults of every race, including mixed races.  They have had people with Down's Syndrome, those who are blind, use hearing aides and wheelchairs.  They have never had a child who is tube fed.  There are thousands of tube fed children in the United States alone right now and they would love to see someone like them on Sesame Street.  Would you join me in our cause on Facebook Help Get a Tube Fed Child on Sesame Street.  By joining this cause you are showing Sesame Street that thousands of people, not just a few, care about diversity on Sesame Street.  Also would you considering writing Sesame Street and letting them know.  Select food as your subject and your letter needs to be 1000 characters or less.  Seeing tube fed children in the media would make them more "normal" and accepted in their lives. 

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