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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Whole New Do!

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to wait till we had shocked all our family in person.  Elijah has been clamoring for over a year to get a haircut like Sam's and daddy's.  I have nothing against crew cut or the regulation military cut, whatever you'd like to call it, it's just that I love Elijah's hair, thick beautiful blond locks.  Elijah is my biggest (for his age) and I just want to cherish his babyhood as long as I can but he likes to remind me that he is five and five is quite big.  So the second week of April we took the plunge and let daddy cut his hair.
Once Daddy got started I began to have regrets.  I never thought I was attached to Elijah's hair.  He was growing up very quickly in a matter of minutes, instead of slowly over weeks and months.  And daddy cut it shorter than I had anticipated.  I think I almost hyperventilated as I watched all those beautiful locks drop down into the bathtub.  I did realize Elijah does have some awfully cute freckles on his head.  These are new since his bald stage from birth -2 years. 

Elijah loved the new hairstyle immediately.  After all he had lobbied for it for nearly a year.
Although a bit slower, I am coming to love it, how could I deny my little boy such glee, even if it makes him look so much older to me.  I must remember that five is quite big.

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