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Monday, September 27, 2010

Flying to the Open House

It's been a busy week.  I started Flying with help from the Flylady.  What's Flying?  It is finally loving yourself.  And it starts with a shiny kitchen sink.  Thanks to Flylady's excellent advice.  I now have one.
Not only that, there is a plan starting to develop to bring order to the chaos that five young children and two procrastination prone parents can bring to a home.
   This is a really beneficial since we are having an open house at our new place in less than two weeks.  I purposely scheduled the open house with the sole purpose of making myself unpack and put everything away in a timely manner.  It was truly shocking to realize how many things were never gone through in the four years that we lived in our last place.  We are really loving our new home.  There is room for all of us to spread out.  Both Alpha and Bravo were able to do their homework this afternoon while Charlie played with sea bones, Delta watched Little Einsteins and Echo followed me around whining because she didn't get a nap.  Amazingly no one really bothered each other or was distracted by each other with the exception of me and Echo.  I tolerated the whining though because I felt a little guilt about her not getting her nap.  I had the best intentions for her to nap and I even laid her down for one.  But she cried and cried and cried.  Normally she only cries for 5 minutes, then she might not fall asleep right away but she'll switch to talking and singing.  She was really crabby this morning and she needed this nap.  I NEEDED this nap so I let her cry thinking surely she'll fall asleep soon, I also didn't want to undo the sleep training we had done as Echo is my best sleeper.  After an hour of crying I couldn't stand it and went into her and found her with her leg stuck through the crib slats.  Then I had a good dose of mommy guilt.  I think she forgave me.  I hope she did.  I let daddy do bedtime.  Tomorrow she'll wear a sleepsack at nap time and everyone will be much happier.
First Family photo at the new digs.  Charlie, James, Alpha, Bravo, Echo, me and Delta

Oh and if you'd like to come to the open house it is Sunday October 10 from 2-5.  Send me and email an I will give you our address.

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